In the gorge below the Treehouse, there is a private spa with a Finnish bath for you, which will ensure perfect relaxation. The bathtub is connected to the terrace where you can relax in deckchairs and take a shower with hot and cold water. 

Lázně v průběhu zimy slouží jako krmelec pro divokou lesní zvěř. Pokud Vás zajímá nejen permakulturní způsob života, ale i lesní hospodářství, pak Vám rádi pronajmeme náš les i za tímto účelem.

Therapeutic effects of a Finnish bathtub

Like a sauna, a Finnish bathtub has healing effects. Staying in hot water will cause your body temperature to rise to 42 ° C. This activates the body's immune system, which destroys viruses, inflammation and flushes out unwanted toxic substances from the body. After a stay in a hot bath, cooling is important, which also has a beneficial effect on the skin. Staying in the bath further suppresses stress, fatigue, has a relaxing effect and increases the body's endurance. The heating and cooling process should be repeated at least three times in a row. Alcohol should not be consumed before or during the bath and sufficient water should be drunk.

Bath procedure

  • First, heat the barrel to a temperature of about 38 - 42 ° C. It is better to start from a lower temperature. In addition, the stove has inertia and care must be taken to ensure that the water is not too hot.
  • Before the bath, jump to the toilet, wash under the shower with shampoo and prepare drinking water.
  • It is good not to soak your head during the bath so that you do not feel cold, or take a cap.
  • Once properly warmed up, slowly immerse yourself in the cooling vat and hold for as long as possible. Then wrap yourself in a bathrobe and relax in the fresh air. Once you get cold, repeat the warm-up.
  • When climbing out of a hot barrel, be careful not to get your head tangled. First sit on the terrace and then get up.
  • Finally, take a shower again and watch out for cooling down.
  • Please do not forget to cover the barrel with the lid.
  • After the bath, you should relax and drink clean water.

The ideal time for wellness is during spring and autumn days.

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