Forest garden

Forest garden


We have created a place that gives energy and inspiration to a person. The permaculture way of life is environmentally friendly and at the same time creates an ideal environment for life. Our forest garden brings benefits in the form of food and at the same time shows the possibilities of environmentally friendly agriculture.

How the flower bed works

First you need to prepare everything. Dig a hole into which wood is gradually layered (it retains water and heats up by pushing it), leaves, aged manure, clay and substrate. 

Once the flowerbed is ready, it is time for sowing and planting. These are not monocultural flowerbeds, but always combine plants that are supported and at the same time do not shade.


Zahrada je především pro naše návštěvníky, aby si mohli sami natrhat a sníst čerstvou zeleninu a ovoce. Vždy je však třeba se řídit určitými pravidly, které najdete v manuálu po příjezdu. Žádáme vás aby jste vždy mysleli i na ostatní a trhali si jen takové množství, které zrovna zkonzumujete.

Do you look forward to picking fresh herbs for breakfast yourself in the morning?

Our tip: Mint tea and bread with cottage cheese and fresh chives.