Místo a zážitky


The Treehouse is located on the Zvičinsko-Kocléřov ridge, which is located approximately 10 km west of Dvůr Králové na Labem.

The peak of Zvičina is 671 m above sea level. and the relative height compared to the surroundings is more than 300 m. Thanks to this, there is a wonderful view from all over the world.

Here you will find many springs, wells and an overall picturesque landscape that retains its historic character. 

Lesní pedagogika


Koncept pronájmu je pojat jako zážitek v přírodě. Lze u nás pouze relaxovat, ale i aktivně odpočívat, volba je jen na vás.

The surrounding area offers many interesting places for trips for both walkers and lovers of cycling. You can observe nature, look for culture, or, for example, take a bath in a natural swimming pool.

Where to go

Zvičina Peak (restaurant)

It is a place of pilgrimage with a church and a restaurant, which includes a historic lookout tower. There is a beautiful view from here and a parking lot from where you will go to our treehouse upon arrival. On the way to us you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Giant Mountains with the highest Czech mountain Sněžka. 

Natural swimming pool Lázně pod Zvičinou (restaurant)

If the food overlooks the Giant Mountains, then here. This First Republic building is located on the north side of the hill and has a beautiful view from here. Refreshment will be provided by a natural swimming pool or take a nature trail. You can stop here on your way from the Zvičina Peak to our treehouse. There is also an info center on site.

Dam Les Království

Valley reservoir on the river Elbe from 1920, which has a very aesthetic construction. The whole set of buildings is treated in a romanticizing, pseudo-Gothic spirit. On the left bank, it is bordered by the extensive forest complex of the Kingdom, the rest of the old border forest, after which the dam got its name. 

Castle Pecka

Pecka is a castle ruin from the 14th century, located above the town of the same name na severovýchodě okresu Jičín. The castle is named after the mountain on which it stands, from the castle it derives its name from the town. The center has a period touch and you can enjoy pleasant moments on the square with ice cream.

Gallery of academic sculptor and painter František Šorm

Local historian, chronicler, witness and literate man Josef Šorm, who runs a gallery of works of his great-uncle and maps the history of the surrounding villages. On his website you will find a lot of interesting information about chapels, wells, crosses and much more.  http://www.galeriedolnidehtov.cz

ZOO and safari Dvůr Králové

The zoo focuses primarily on African animals, since the late 1960s. In addition to the classic walking tour between the exhibits, the traditional zoo allows in the section safari also rides among the animals either by modified tourist buses or in visitors' own cars. The zoo also includes a gallery of paintings by Zdeněk Burian, illustrator of prehistory.

Natural monument Kalské údolí

Kalské údolí is a natural monument near the village of Borek. 
The reason for protection is the natural stream of Bystřice with riparian vegetation and moisture-loving meadows with the occurrence of endangered and protected species of plants and animals.

Swimming pool Dachova

Natural swimming pool Dachovy (also Koupaliště Dachova) is located in the settlement of Dachovy about 2 km north of the center of Horice. The complex with remarkable wooden architecture was designed by architect Karel Bachura and was opened to the public in 1925. Since 2013, the main building together with the guard house has been a cultural monument.