About us

Treehouse Zvičina Team

It's not actually about us, but about nature, of which we as individuals, our society and, by extension, all of humanity are an integral part. 

Equally, as in the attached photo, at first glance it might seem that we are the center, but the opposite is true. When looking in more detail, we can notice that the picture captures how the clouds are gathering, the storm is raging, the sun is setting, but also how the grass is green, the grain is turning yellow, that there is a dog, a bug, a spider, a child and a baby in the photo, i.e. nature in in all possible forms. 

It's about friendship, bond, experience, but mainly about nature, life in it and with it. 

About the project

This project primarily seeks to point out a permaculture and sustainable way of life, which means coexistence with nature and minimal impact on the environment.

We collect water from local springs, take electricity from the sun, sort waste, compost and use biodegradable means.

We were also pleasantly surprised by how little is enough for self-sufficient living, and we almost moved into the treehouse permanently.

In the end, however, we decided to rent the place and share the experience with others.

Treehouse Zvičina srdce přírody

Do you also want to experience what it's like to live in a sustainable house in harmony with nature?

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