About us and our project

A short story about us

Dad Filip, who made a living from the realization of clay plasters, returned home from trips after orders very tired and there was not much energy left for the family. Eliška's mother saw accommodation in the form of glamping on the internet and she really liked it. Because Dad is handy, he said one day that he would build something.
They took out a loan, saved money and bought land, material and it was done in less than a year.
Rozárka's daughter was so excited about the forest that she did not sleep better anywhere else.

And so the whole family was happy. 🙂

Project intent

This project primarily seeks to point out a permaculture and sustainable way of life, which means coexistence with nature and minimal impact on the environment.

We collect water from local springs, take electricity from the sun, sort waste, compost and use biodegradable means.

We were also pleasantly surprised by how little is enough for self-sufficient living, and we almost moved into the treehouse permanently.

In the end, however, we decided to rent the place and share the experience with others.

Také si chcete vyzkoušet, jaké to je bydlet v udržitelném domku v souladu s přírodou ?

Zarezervujte si ho na pár dní!